Secret Parties Make Bffs

You really know how to make a girl feel special

You really know how to make a girl smile

You really know how to keep her wanting more

Won't you come a little closer, won't you stay awhile

(lyrics from Intro on the Chrizle Chrizle EP These lyrics and all that I am are dedicated to the wonderful people that I get to live life with, and the One who gave it all to me).

I finally checked off releasing an album before turning 30, and the exclusive celebration at Sevenly HQ was an absolute dream!

Everyone recieved a physical copy of the CDs upon arrival, and I was even able to distribute perks from my Indiegogo Campaign to supporters.

The food by Joyful Spoon was beautiful and delicious. From BACON JAM, to Kimchi Mac and Cheese, and even a DIY S'mores Bar! (Which all was sponsored by my wonderful place of employment, Ideation).

Many co worker friends came out to support too, which was a total plus!

All the while, we had great opening performances by these incredible artists!!





One of the greatest blessings of them all was being able to perform along side these great folk. Doug Brown MD'd the whole thing, and it was a blast! (Nessa Rica, Elisa, Kyle, Doug, Johnsin, BK, and Danny!)

There was just so much talent in one room. Not just the people on stage but even in attendance.

Appearances from UsTheDuo and VJ from the Filharmonics...

BBoys RickVicious and KidTerrible of the Suicide Kings...

These adorable talent givers of life... (parents of mine, Carissa Alvarado, and Nessa Rica)

Oooh Lala! Cuties from City Church, Anaheim.

Oh hey... I really like them.

My boo and his boos...

Yeah... We're real talented as you can see.

Reynas coming all the way from the south... (S.CA)

The Happy Fam!

My brotha from anotha...

These babes in black...

These Loverss.... Joyce and Obie of Christafari

My sissies... Missing Krystal.

My Best friends!

My favorite people!

Look at how awesome you all are!


Thanks again for showing me love this night, and always.

Oh My Blog,

look at that ____