"Let's Eat!"- Chrizle

Chrizle Chrizle is an artistic release born of a sophisticated artist who hasn't lost touch with the late 90s underground hip hop she grew up with. Her sultry voice carries overcast melodies along steady background beats and relatable but nuanced modern alternative arrangements. 

But don't over complicate her. She is a simple artist with simple loves, and her desire to connect comes through. 

The music is more than of a musician; it is unique and expressive of an artist but in no way strays from listen-ability. It stays in gear and keeps you riding comfortably in the passenger seat. 

Picture the music that would accompany rhythmic break beats, and the soothiness of your mother's arms.








releases 18 August 2015 

Words and Music by: Chrizle Hillis & Jesse Barrera 
Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by: Jesse Barrera || Mastered by: Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio, NY 
Drums and Percussions by: Danny Morledge & Jesse Barrera || Bass by: Jesse Barrera || Keys by: Alan Ladan & Tony Amicangelo 
Recorded in San Diego, CA at the JB Cave 
Album Art by: Emilio Santoyo and Photography by Obie Obien 

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