10 Lessons From 10 Years

10 Lesson’s From 10 Years

On April 2nd 2021, I celebrate 10 years in my current role as an associate pastor at City Church in Anaheim, CA. Here are some things I've learned.

  1. Be stable in your weaknesses and humble in your strengths. Know, appreciate, and enjoy the help of others.

  2. Try not to take things personal. Every person’s perspective and intentions of their own words and actions are different from our perspective of their words or actions.

  3. Relationships take hard work. From personal to professional relationships, it takes intention and thoughtfulness.

  4. Doing too much and not doing enough always coincide. So do what you can do, not what you think needs to be done.

  5. When you’re at a point when you can’t keep going, stop what you’re doing and change your focus. Also, if it’s not fun- make it fun, or why do it?

  6. When singing, listening makes you sound better. When speaking, listening makes you sound better. Basically, listening makes everything better.

  7. Always involve food, because hAngry people are not people you want to be around.

  8. Creativity is a muscle - work it out, and with modern technology, there’s really nothing you can’t produce or figure out.

  9. Trust/believe that God can do miraculous things, but don’t negate the hard work, preparation, and challenges that can also come with the desired outcome.

  10. Rest and setting boundaries actually allow you to do more.

Thank you City Church and everyone I’ve crossed paths with along the way.

If you're in the area and care to come visit me at City Church sometime, find the info at LOVEHOPECITY.COM

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